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You’re Unique. So Is Our Approach.

We live in a small community, within a uniquely supportive county, surrounded by the natural beauty of water and woods, staffed by people who are your neighbors, your relatives, your friends and housed in a beautifully renovated, state-of-the-art facility.


Following a person-centered approach to long-term care, Thornapple Manor strives to make each day special for our residents. From visiting the café to listening to the relaxing sounds of the Steve Youngs’ band, the day is planned by the residents, for themselves and others.


We believe that each moment in one’s life is special, that each person is unique and deserves the individual care they desire.

Take a Stroll Down Main Street

A Home-Like Atmosphere. Pleasure. Comfort.


As you walk up and down Main Street in Thornapple Manor you will be transported to the small town feel of a community not unlike where most of our residents grew up in. Whether its friends chatting over a cup of coffee and fresh baked cookies in the Café or a quiet time in the Chapel, our residents and visitors experience some simple pleasures. Main Street walls are covered with a gallery of postcard and photographic art which were originally captured in old postcards, carefully restored, enlarged and framed of scenic locations around Barry County.


    A small on-site exam room that assures our residents’, and doctors’, privacy in routine care and assessments.


    Beautiful stained glass windows adorn this quiet space set aside to meet the reflection needs of individuals or family devotion and prayer time.


    Generations Daycare at Thornapple Manor invites family togetherness, where colleagues children can play while their parents are working. This daycare also provides joy to our residents with direct baby and kid interaction!


    Designed to meet the needs of our residents, special accommodations have been incorporated to make this shop, which is opened four days a week (and special event times), a fun place to go for both men and women.


    Main Street Café a favorite place for family members to gather for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Serving everything from lattés to breakfast and lunch- the Café is a one-of-a-kind location – fashioned just for the residents at Thornapple Manor.


    Another feature is the Thornapple Manor Auxiliary Gift Shop. The volunteer auxiliary has long served to enhance the lives of the residents. All proceeds benefit residents and the community at Thornapple Manor.