Enjoy Gourmet Menus with a
Seasoned Culinary Team

Dining and Nutrition

Great food is one of life's small pleasures! At Harvest Pointe, we are proud to offer a seasoned culinary team with a flair for combining deliciousness, variety and healthy choices from locally sourced ingredients. You don't have to sacrifice delicious, home-cooked meals. Residents enjoy restaurant-style and on-demand dining that is catered to your individual needs and preferences.

Harvest Pointe

Gourmet Menus

Directed by a professional dietary team and Registered Dietitian, Harvest Pointe's culinary team delivers restaurant -style dining with creative, nutritious cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients to allow diverse dining experiences, another key ingredient of a good quality of life.

Gourmet menu services and on-demand dining experiences ensure excellent, fresh food with balanced nutrition for each individual. Even with our restaurant-inspired experiences, our skilled dietitians still honor residents with special dietary restrictions or those who need one-on-one assistance.

Farm-To-Table Concept

With fresh food flavors and farm-to-table concept, dining at Harvest Pointe provides you with the peace-of-mind knowing you are eating healthy.

With Harvest Pointe being in Barry County, Michigan, we take great care to buy food from area farmers and other local sources whenever possible, assuring residents the healthiest ingredients at their peak of freshness. From fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors to lean meats and poultry, dining focuses on healthy eating that is good for our local economy as well.