Offering Gourmet Menus

Great food is one of life's small pleasures! Directed by a professional dietary team and Registered Dietitian, Thornapple Manor delivers food services designed around resident requests. Our resident-centered approach allows diverse dining experiences, another key ingredient of a good quality of life.

Gourmet menu services and on-demand dining experiences ensure excellent, fresh food with balanced nutrition for each individual. Even with our restaurant-inspired experiences, our skilled dietitians still honor residents with special dietary restrictions or those who need one-on-one assistance.

On-Demand Dining and Snacks

Recognizing the importance of personalized and flexible dietary options, we proudly offer a system that allows residents to enjoy delicious meals and snacks at their convenience. Whether it's a nutritious meal to meet specific dietary requirements or a delightful snack to curb a craving, our on-demand service aims to provide both nourishment and comfort. The ease of ordering and the quick delivery of fresh, appetizing meals contribute to fostering a positive and enjoyable dining atmosphere for our residents, promoting a sense of autonomy and enhancing their overall quality of life.

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