Rehab Admission


The Rehab Center at Thornapple Manor has made the admissions process as simple as possible for our patients, their families, and referral sources, including physicians, and insurance or managed care companies.

Where a patient chooses to do their rehabilitation makes all the difference in their recovery, and we are glad that patients choose Thornapple Manor. Whether this choice encompasses inpatient or outpatient therapy, it means you will become a patient that receives compassion, respect, and honest communication.

To begin the journey, a referral for rehabilitation care can be made by a patient, a family member, physician, a case manager or a social worker. To  initiate a referral, please contact our Admissions Department at 269-945-2407.

After admission referral paperwork, a Thornapple Manor Admission's Team Member will get a patient settled in quickly and comfortably. There will also be a number of forms to be signed and information to be shared. Patients are also required to provide copies of insurance details so that coverages and billing can be confirmed.

**We participate with Medicare and Medicaid and most major insurances, worker's compensation, auto and managed care plans.

Rehab Discharge

Going Home

Even after discharge, our relationship doesn't stop. Our interdisciplinary team conducts home evaluations to help ensure patients will be able to safely return home. The Social Services Department also provides connections to community support to help ensure a smooth transition. We ensure that when a patient returns home — they do so with confidence!